Ski & Snowboard Tuning Professionals.


I can’t believe it’s almost October….

Its time to tune-up your skis and boards!

Snow will be falling soon! Now is the best time to tune your gear for the upcoming season.  Making sure you maintain your skis and boards is important; it not only enhances on trail performance but increases the longevity of the equipment.

We recommend that you tune your skis and boards every 7-10 days. The snow conditions directly affect how often you need to tune your skis. If you are skiing more hard pack versus snow softer snow you will need a tune more often.

Here at Country Ski we have professional tuners using the most up to date techniques and equipment to make your day on the slopes more enjoyable.  Bring your skis or board in anytime for a Free inspection. If you’re the do it your self person we stock everything you need to tune your equipment.


See you Soon

-Ray Stenson III

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