2017-2018 Junior Lease Benefit Program

  • Each consecutive season that your child leases, Country Ski & Sport Inc. will credit $20 per year towards the purchase of a new adult ski/snowboard package.
  • The benefit program credit can be used towards a new adult ski/snowboard package for the child whose name is on the lease only!
  • Benefit program credits must be redeemed between August and October when returning equipment.
  • Returning equipment before August or not re-leasing at the same time of returning your lease equipment will withdraw you from the program and forfeit your collected benefit dollars.
  • The benefit program is for children who lease junior equipment only!
  • Lease must be returned by October 31st of the following year to earn the benefit credit.



If your child leases for five consecutive lease seasons —

When returning equipment between August and October of the upcoming season and your child opts out of the program, you will have $100 ( 5 x $20) to go towards the purchase of a complete adult ski/snowboard package purchase at Country Ski & Sport Inc. 

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