SKU: 736745061210

Brand: Yakima


The Yakima Baseclip is the ultimate car accessory to make your life easier while traveling. Whether you're camping and need more storage space for gear or just driving from city to city, these Baseclips provide a secure and easy-to-use attachment point for all of your needs. 

Each clip can fit up to six roof racks to allow for plenty of storage space on the go. Available in sizes 105, 153, 127, 102, 122, 150, 125, 109, 128, 117, 123, 110, 130, 152, and 159 these clips have the perfect fit for any vehicle. Plus they come in classic black color so you don't have to worry about it clashing with your ride's style. 

Don't let a lack of storage prevent you from having a great trip; grab a Yakima Baseclip from Country Ski & Sport today and enjoy an adventure without any worries!

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