SKU: 736745001452

Brand: Yakima


Are you an adventure enthusiast in search of the right gear for your outdoor activities? Look no further. The Yakima Ridgeline - 4-pack is the perfect solution for all your adventures! Made of high-quality aluminum alloy and glass-filled nylon, this 4-pack set provides maximum durability and strength to withstand the toughest activities. 

Take this product to the next level and separate yourself from the pack. The Yakima Ridgeline - 4-pack can be tailored to meet your specific needs and convenience with the addition of an extra pair of straps. 

Whether you’re an avid cyclist, skier, kayaker, or climber, the Yakima Ridgeline - 4-pack has you covered. Country Ski & Sport carries only the latest and greatest in outdoor equipment, so check out your Yakima Ridgeline - 4-pack today to see what a world-class adventure looks like.

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