SKU: 6438488160178

Brand: Icepeak


When the snow starts to fall and the temperature drops, you need a dependable jacket to keep you warm and shielded from the cold. The Icepeak Casco Jacket is the perfect option to ensure a cozy winter season. This stylish Medium-sized coat has been designed with the highest quality fabrics, giving you professional-grade protection from the elements while creating an exceptionally luxurious feel. 

With its integrated hood, adjustable drawcords on the hem and sleeves, and protective storm flap, this garment offers warmth and comfort that will make your days outdoors more enjoyable. The thick inner lining helps retain body heat so that you can remain toasty no matter how low the temperatures drop. 

Its multitude of pockets provide for optimal convenience and storage as well as extra insulation during cold weather adventures. Upgrade your winterwear wardrobe with this stylish yet highly durable Icepeak Casco Jacket!

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