SKU: 822226901585

Brand: Elan


Product Description

Introducing the Elan Pinball QS 4.5 2018! This top-of-the-line ski from Country Ski & Sport is a must-have for any serious skier. Our team of professionals have designed and crafted this product to meet all your skiing needs. Built with performance in mind, this high-performance ski will have you slicing through the snow with agility and accuracy for maximum pleasure on the mountain.

Its core consists of durable but light Honeycomb Poplar, and its structure includes advanced technologies like Vaportip and Tubeline for superior stability and edge control. Combine that with a Quickrip sidecut and Tip Rocker shape, and you’ve got an unbeatable combination for effortless speed, carving power, and easy turns in any type of terrain or snow conditions.

Here at Country Ski & Sport, we understand that skiers need reliability in their products, which is why every Elan Pinball QS 4.5 2018 has been put through rigorous testing by pros to ensure its perfect performance each time you take it out on the slopes!

So don’t wait – pick up your new Elan Pinball QS 4.5 2018 today from Country Ski & Sport!

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