SKU: 616438708946

Brand: Dalbello


Product Description

The Dalbello CX 2.0 JR 2019 is the perfect choice for young skiers looking for a reliable and comfortable boot that can take on any terrain with ease. Its shell is reinforced with a Polyolefin frame that ensures optimal stability without compromising comfort, and its Junior Specific Fit Technology offers an increased level of comfort while maintaining necessary support. Provides you with the flexibility to make sharp turns and smooth curves in the snow, but also gives you the stability you need to tackle tougher slopes with confidence.

It comes in sizes 19.5 - 20.5, so you can be sure it will fit your feet perfectly, whether you are just starting or have been skiing for years. With Dalbello CX 2.0 JR 2019, your wintertime fun knows no limits!

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