SKU: 3607682873747

Brand: Rossignol


Product Description

Are you looking for the perfect skiing boot? Look no further than the Rossignol Comp J1 from Country Ski & Sport! This professional-grade boot is perfect for any aspiring or experienced skier looking to take their sport to the next level. The Comp J1 combines a lightweight polyether and EVA shell with customizable 360°Thermic technology, allowing you to customise your boots' fit according to your needs and feel maximum comfort and stability while on the slopes.

Additionally, to ensure superior performance, Comp J1’s come equipped with Diagonal Buckles for superior closure as well as a replaceable heel pad for enhanced grip.

A lasting investment that allows you to take your skiing experience to an unprecedented level of quality, comfort, and performance, the Rossignol Comp J1 should be your go-to-booting choice when looking to hit the slopes!

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