SKU: 887445313618

Brand: Atomic

Original Price: $725.00
Sale Price: $399.95

Product Description

The Atomic Cloud Q9 M10 ski is the perfect choice for female skiers looking to take their performance to the next level. Designed by Atomic with a groundbreaking technology, this ski allows you to tackle all types of terrain and snow conditions at lightning speed. It’s made from a lightweight, low-density wood core that has a responsive feel combined with modern fully active rocker.

This reliable combination offers improved stability and confidence when racing down the mountain. You will be able to experience maximum floatation in powder as well as superior edge hold thanks to its sidewall underfoot construction.

The Cloud Q9 M10 provides amazing control and explosive power from binding to tip, so you can feel comfortable on steeper and faster sections of the ski hill. Its Titanal Layer adds incredible strength balance while reducing vibration, giving it an even more stable ride.

Viewed through the lens of quality and value, Get your pair today and experience first-hand why it’s a favourite among discriminating skiers!

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