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Brand: Rossignol

Original Price: $579.95
Sale Price: $379.95

Product Description

Are you looking for a ski that's ideal for any terrain? Look no further than the Rossignol Experience W 78 CA from Country Ski & Sport! The W 78 CA is designed to integrate the key qualities of stability, crossover performance, and agility for an exhilarating skiing experience - regardless of terrain.

It features a wide waist with carbon alloy matrix construction that creates greater torsional stiffness and rebound energy; and an all-mountain rocker profile with added tip rise which provides easier turn initiation in all conditions. This ski is perfect for any adventure! Plus, its lightweight design helps make any journey easier - saving on fatigue while tackling sharp turns at high speeds.

Don't miss out and get your Rossignol Experience W 78 CA today from Country Ski & Sport.

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