Anyone who genuinely loves skiing will surely agree that few things are as exciting as taking your first out-of-state or extended ski vacation. It provides the perfect opportunity to get away, unwind, and recharge from the stress of work and day-to-day life. Of course, skiing trips are anything but your typical weekend getaway. There’s a great deal of things that you’ll need to bring to ensure the most enjoyable time possible, and buying them at the resort’s pro shop can get pricey, fast.    

Family on mountaintop skiing

As one of the industry’s leading providers of high-quality affordable skiing gear, equipment, and supplies, Country Ski & Sport wanted to take this opportunity to review some of the essentials needed for those taking their first ski vacation. Some may sound obvious, but it’s remarkable how often they go overlooked while packing. This skiing checklist is a good baseline to start.   

  • Proper apparel for the weather, including jackets, base layers, pants, and tops
  • An extra pair gloves and hat, in the event that yours are lost while traveling
  • If you’re traveling by vehicle, choose a rack system ideal for your specific needs
  • Ski equipment duffels and travel bags are an excellent way to carry essentials
  • Be sure to inspect your boots, bindings, and poles prior to departing for your trip
  • Don’t forget to pack your goggles and sunglasses, and any needed care items

We certainly don’t want to imply is that this is an any way a complete list. Skiing trips are a learning experience for all those who embark on them for the first time, and you’ll likely discover something you need each time you travel. Country Ski & Sport offers a comprehensive selection of ski gear for your upcoming excursion, and we invite you to browse our products for safe online ordering and fast, affordable shipping to your home or office. 

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