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Introducing the Oakley Flight Deck XL Snow Goggles in Matte Black – your ultimate companion for conquering the slopes in style and safety. Designed with precision and innovation, these goggles offer an exceptional field of view, thanks to their oversized frame and rimless design, which maximizes peripheral vision. 

Equipped with Prizm™ lens technology, these goggles enhance contrast and visibility in various light conditions, allowing you to navigate changing terrains with confidence. Their triple-layer foam and discreet frame notches ensure a comfortable, secure fit, even when worn with a helmet. 

The Flight Deck XL's anti-fog coating and vented lenses guarantee clear vision, while the streamlined design minimizes glare and distortion. These goggles are not just a fashion statement; they are a premium choice for performance-driven skiers and snowboarders seeking unmatched clarity and style on the mountain. Elevate your snow sports experience with Oakley Flight Deck XL Snow Goggles in Matte Black.

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